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[not able to retrieve full-text content] Exactly what is SEO? — SEO or Search engine optimisation is a strategy of identifying the most appropriate targeted keyword phrases associated with your website and guaranteeing that this ranks your website highly in search engines Why should you SEO your Website?– So whenever somebody searches for your keyword expressions it returns your site on top. It essentially includes

Google Algorithm Modifications– The Hummingbird Update

Has the Google Hummingbird Algorithm Update impacted your Rankings in the Last Month?
Google revealed the Hummingbird Algorithm Update a couple of days ago but had quietly released this upgrade in late August. This is the most significant modification to Google’s algorithm since the Caffienne Update back in 2010. The Hummingbird Update is approximated to affect 90 % of sites, compared to the Panda & & Penguin Updates that affected less than 10 % of sites.
Below you will discover usefull details about the Hummingbird Algorithm Update,.
Exactly what is the Google Hummingbird Algorithm Update?
Google Hummingbird. Hummingbird.
Google Hummingbird is the new Google algorithm by Google. September 27th is Google’s official birthday celebration. Google 15 years old …
Browse transformation: Google ‘Hummingbird’ upgrade revealed– RT News.
http://rt.comFri, 27 Sep 2013 13:01:20 GMT.
Google has actually customized the categorized formula which runs its internet search engine, a move which might result in a major reshuffle in how internet traffic is managed.
Google Hummingbird.
Google Hummingbird.

Google Recently Made A Quiet Shift To A New Browse Algorithm …
http://techcrunch.comThu, 26 Sep 2013 18:27:55 GMT.
Have you observed just recently that Google has gotten a bit much better at providing direct responses to questions? If so, there’s a factor for it: they recently flipped the turn on a new search algorithm they call “Hummingbird”, which …
FAQ: Everything about The New Google “Hummingbird” Algorithm.
http://searchengineland.comThu, 26 Sep 2013 21:36:05 GMT.
Google has a brand-new search algorithm, the system it uses to arrange through all the info it has when you search and return with answers. It’s called “H.
Google Hummingbird Explained and its Effect on SEO.
Google gathered the other day in celebration of their 15th birthday and informed the world about their latest search algorithm update: Hummingbird. The impact of Hum …

How Does the Hummingbird Update Affect SEO?
Google SEO 2013– Hummingbird and Beyond.
http://www.slideshare.netSat Sep 28 09:51:34 -0500 2013.
Standard SEO– After Panda and Penguin. SEO Sept 2013– After Google Hummingbird SEO– Semantic Browse.
What Does Google’s Hummingbird Update Mean For Your SEO Efforts? Nothing– Forbes., 28 Sep 2013 02:27:26 GMT.
International Business TimesWhat Does Google’s Hummingbird Update Mean For Your SEO Efforts? NothingForbesYesterday the news broke at a Google press occasion that the biggest upgrade to its search algorithm given that 2001, called Hummingbird, had already ro …
Semantic Browse and Google Hummingbird.
Discover everything about Google’s statement of Google Hummingbird, the current development in semantic search that they annouhummingbirdnced today!

Examine your websites stats for any traffic and ranking modifications in September as compare with August statistics to see if The Hummingbird Update has influenced any of your sites.
Kindly comment below and let me know if your rankings & & traffic have been affected by Hummingbird, if so, have they enhanced or declined?
Hope you have discovered this helpful.

Instagram Marketing for Company Series

Thanks for reading part 1 of the series that I posted on another website. I hope you found the details useful.
I have 3 more parts currently prepared in this series today and I will certainly be adding even more with any Instagram changes and brand-new methods I check to acquire more traffic and sales for companies making use of Instagram Marketing. Expect part 2 of this series next week.

Las Vegas Website Design, SEO & Marketing Agency

You want to get your website in front of as many people as possible. Our SEO services give you long-lasting results that extend beyond a quick, temporary boost in rankings. We’ll help you achieve better rankings, increased traffic, and more sales in the long run.

While most search engine companies try to keep their processes a secret, their criteria for high spots on SERPs isn’t a complete mystery. Search engines are successful only if they provide a user links to the best Web sites related to the user’s search terms. If your site is the best skydiving resource on the Web, it benefits search engines to list the site high up on their SERPs. You just have to find a way to show search engines that your site belongs at the top of the heap. That’s where search engine optimization ( SEO ) comes in – it’s a collection of techniques a webmaster can use to improve his or her site’s SERP position.

Google +”, formerly known as Google Places/Maps, provides a great opportunity for local businesses to boost local rankings and visibility on the search engine results pages. Google + has clearly become a key component of SEO and we have discovered the secrets that will allow you to compete in the coveted “A-G” area, where most of the traffic occurs. Since mobile search queries have grown 500% in the past 2 years, and mobile usually yields local results, Google Maps optimization is now more important than ever.

SEO involves a number of adjustments to the HTML of individual Web pages to achieve a high search engine ranking. First, the title of the page must include relevant information about the page. In the previous example, Bob’s home page might have the title, “Bob’s Soccer Store – Soccer Shoes and Equipment.” The title is the most important part of SEO, since it tells the search engine exactly what the page is about. Within Bob’s home page, it would be helpful to repeat the words “soccer” and “soccer shoes” a few times, since search engines also scan the text of the pages they index.

Even when you implement every recommendation we suggest, we still cannot guarantee specific results. Unfortunately, this is the nature of and the fact that search engines retain strictly private control over their exact ranking methods and algorithms. However, we believe our experience based process, combined with our deep understanding of the concepts within SEO as related to user experience seen through search engine lenses, allows us to provide clients with the best chances for improvements.

Be Well Colorado

Be Well ColoradoCuts Healthcare Costs by Giving Participants
New Tools to Manage Diabetes and Other Chronic Health Conditions
Proven peer-led six-week Aurora workshop available free;
Helps participants feel better, live longer and remain independent
(DENVER, Colo.) – Diagnosed with diabetes 20 years ago, Salvador Hernandez had slowly suffered
deteriorating vision and an impaired ability to walk. While the Denver man had medical care, he lacked
the skills and knowledge to manage his condition.
“We didn’t know what to expect as the years go by. It’s been a hard road for us, not having classes and
education,” his wife Sylvia Hernandez said. “When you don’t understand what’s happening, you get
stressed out and there are a lot of uncertainties.”
The Hernandez family is not alone. Nearly one in two Americans live with a chronic health condition.
Chronic health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, arthritis and lung disease are the
leading killers of Coloradans. Living with a chronic health condition can diminish a person’s outlook on
life, ability to engage in physical and social activity, interest in cooking and eating healthy meals, and
willingness to ask for help.

That’s why the couple enrolled in Be Well Colorado,a six-week, peer-led chronic disease self-management
workshop based on a proven model developed at Stanford University. After just six weeks, the couple felt
more in control, hopeful and confident in their understanding of diabetes and how to manage it.
“At this program, you learn how focus on the goals that are important to you,” said Dr. Carolyn
Shepherd, medical director of Clinica Family Health Services, which has run chronic disease self-management programs. “Maybe the most important thing to you is to have the energy to enjoy your
grandkids. But when you learn those skills, they impact every other part of your life.”
“It’s a very good thing,” Sylvia said. “If the classes are offered in your area, learn more, take advantage of
Offered free in to anyone with a chronic health condition or their caregivers, Be Well Colorado gives
participants the tools they need to set achievable goals, reduce stress, eat healthier foods and increase
their physical activity. People who complete the workshops have more energy, engage in more social
activities, gain confidence, improve communication with doctors and family members, and develop an
overall sense of empowerment.
The next Aurora workshop starts in May at the Queen of Peace Catholic Church, 13120 East Kentucky
Avenue, Aurora, Colo., 80012.

“The hardest part of living with a chronic health condition is feeling like you have no control over your
life,” said Michelle Hansen, director of the self-management services unit, Colorado Department of
Public Health and Environment. “Be Well Colorado workshops help people learn how to manage their
condition. We give people their lives back.”
Impact of chronic health conditions
In Adams County, one in three adults, or 32 percent of the county’s adults, have high cholesterol, which
can lead to heart problems. One in five adults, or 21 percent of the county’s adults, have arthritis; and
one in five adults, or 20 percent of the county’s adults, have high blood pressure. Nine percent of Adams
County adults have asthma and 7 percent have diabetes.
Health care costs associated with the treatment of a chronic health condition are expensive, accounting
for 75 percent of the more than $2 trillion a year spent on health care in the U.S. In Colorado, caring
for chronic health conditions costs the state’s Medicaid program an estimated $403 million a year. The
Be Well Colorado program reduces hospitalizations and physician visits, saving up to $4 for every dollar
Be Well Coloradois promoted by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, and funded
by federal grants from the Administration on Aging and the Division of Diabetes Translation. For more
information, visit www.bewellcolorado.orgor call 1-877-495-2604.
About Be Well Colorado
Be Well Coloradoworkshops help people with chronic health conditions feel better and maintain active,
independent lives. Using a curriculum developed at Stanford University in 1991, the Be Well Colorado
workshops teach concrete steps such as goal setting, creating action plans, healthy eating and exercise
and how to communicate. Offered at no cost to participants, the workshops are led by peers and
encourage participation and mutual support, building participants’ confidence.
Studies show that graduates of the program feel better, exercise more and talk more comfortably about
their health. The program also cuts health care costs, reducing hospitalizations and physician visits and
saving up to $4 for every dollar invested. In 2011, the Colorado Department of Public Health and
Environment will offer 58 Be Well Coloradoworkshops in select Colorado counties across the state.